Students to learn about failure – The West Australian

One of Perth’s most prestigious and academically successful schools is cutting back on praise and rewards for students.

Students to learn about failure – The West Australian


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The Biggest Supermoon in Years is Coming Saturday Night

The Biggest Supermoon in Years is Coming Saturday Night.

This Saturday evening, take a look at the night sky and you might see something special. 

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Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take

New must see documentary released 11/11/11

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Slow Down! Why Some Languages Sound So Fast


Here’s one of the least-interesting paragraphs you’ve ever read: “Last night I opened the front door to let the cat out. It was such a beautiful night that I wandered down to the garden to get a breath of fresh air. Then I heard a click as the door closed behind me.”

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Can Wind Power Be Wildlife Friendly

New research aims to stop turbines from killing bats and birds

via Can Wind Power Be Wildlife Friendly.

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French banks under renewed pressure.

By Martha Gill

French banks felt the weight of further uncertainty in eurozone debt markets. After an early bounce on Thursday as investors sought bargains following the recent sell off, European equities fell once more. The pan-European FTSE Eurofirst 300 index, having climbed more than 2 per cent at the open, fell 2 per cent in early afternoon to 892.39.

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In arrivo 250 milioni di euro per l’accesso al credito delle Pmi del Lazio.

È stata approvata ieri la delibera per la costituzione di un Fondo di ingegneria finanziaria volto a concedere prestiti agevolati, chirografari e con spread vantaggiosi.


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New contribution on The Great Translation Chain©

Here is my new contribution to social causes on Greek economic crisis.

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Posted on The Translation Chain

Here is my contribution to The Translation Chain.

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Starting a new collaboration

I started a new collaboration with The Great Translation Chain. Supporting causes in the world.

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