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Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take

New must see documentary released 11/11/11 Advertisements

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Slow Down! Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

By¬†JEFFREY KLUGER Here’s one of the least-interesting paragraphs you’ve ever read: “Last night I opened the front door to let the cat out. It was such a beautiful night that I wandered down to the garden to get a breath … Continue reading

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Who speaks English?

EVERYONE knows the stereotypes about foreigners speaking English: Scandinavians are shockingly fluent, while the Japanese lag despite years and billions of yen spent trying….

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Secrets of the Colosseum

Secrets of the Colosseum. A German archaeologist has finally deciphered the Roman amphitheater’s amazing underground labyrinth.

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Searching for Buddha in Afghanistan

An archaeologist insists a third giant statue lies near the cliffs where the Bamiyan Buddhas, destroyed in 2001, once stood via Searching for Buddha in Afghanistan.

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Translation World

L’Unesco ordina nell’Index Translationum tutte le opere tradotte in tutto il mondo. Creato nel 1932, l’indice √® stato completamente informatizzato nel 1979 e viene aggiornato 3 volte l’anno, dando conto delle traduzioni delle opere letterarie in commercio nelle librerie dell’intero … Continue reading

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